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We’re not like other social media monitoring, analysis or big data companies.

Our pedigree

Our team has decades of experience working in fraud investigation and software provision. Providing services to a variety of blue chip organisations and across many industry sectors. Including insurance, finance, legal, recruitment and government.



By adopting a hybrid approach of proven & scalable open source technologies and commercial off the shelf solutions (COTS), we have been able to produce a large scale back end solution which does all the heavy lifting with simple and familiar user interface for users. Therefore reducing the need for lengthily product training and increasing user adoption of the solution.

Customer driven innovation

Our customers are always the main focus at Intelligenta. We continuously strive to recognise and understand our customers’ needs and create quality investigation based software solutions to meet those needs. This is done by working together with all our customers, building and maintaining good relationships and most importantly continually adapting to their requirements.

Our Focus

Search applications for:

  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
  • Social media intelligence (SOCMINT)
  • Insurance fraud
  • Financial fraud
  • Benefit fraud
  • Cyber bullying
  • Employee due-diligence

The next generation in Search for intelligence & investigations.


Using search for intelligence & investigations V1.0

Giving an investigator access to the internet so they can “Google things”, is not an investigation capability, in fact it couldn’t be further from the truth. Commercial search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have only indexed a small part of the Internet, some studies show as little as 0.04%, but we work on the highest number we have seen which is 6% (As of Jan 2014). This means that there is 94% of the web which isn’t indexed by these search giants! This is quite a challenge, as your investigators will be missing out on the full power of deep web search technologies and the processes delivered through our Axiom solution, which will assist you in surfacing the missing 94%.


Of the internet not indexed by commercial search engines (Jan 2014)


Of investigators self taught in search techniques


Of investigators time spent just searching


Of companies monitor social media for just reputation management purposes

Introducing the Axiom approach

The days of having multiple web browsers open and searching pages and pages of data for the relevant information are gone. Many companies monitor social media and open source data but this is either focused around brand and reputation management or fall into the “Big Data = Big Price Tag” category. Axiom is a next generation search application for open source (OSINT) and social media intelligence (SOCMINT) investigations. We simply allow the investigator  to quickly search, analyse, assess and report across multiple data sets and a vast number of information sources all from one interface. These information sources, include social media, google, bing and other search engines as well as investigation related websites, global news sites, RSS feeds, shared intelligence and your own in-house closed source data. We will take online search and investigations from hours to minutes.

All your searches from one place

Transforming data into actionable intelligence

We bring a wealth of experience to your search & investigation challenges

Insurance fraud


Undetected general insurance claim fraud in the UK alone totals £2.1b!

The number of dishonest motor claims attempting to cheat the industry out of £811m


of investment fraud was related to life assurance

Cases of general insurance fraud was detected in 2012, saving £1.1 billion

Personal injury claims linked to suspected ‘Crash for Cash’ Scams

£'s added to individual policies due to these crimes

Employee due-diligence


New research shows that more than half of UK employers have had costly new hire issues.


Of UK employers reporting bad hires


Of people have lied in a job interview


The number of employers experiencing staff retention difficulties

Employee due-diligence

Employee due-diligence should go beyond reference calls and a quick Google & Facebook search. A recent report estimated that 92% of people have lied as part of the hiring process and a further 62% Of UK employers reported bad hires. This not only has a financial...

Beyond Google for OSINT/SOCMINT investigations

In the commercial world, giving an investigator access to the internet so they can “Google things”, is not an investigation capability, in fact it couldn’t be further from the truth. Commercial search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have only indexed a...

Cyber Bullying – Truly shocking statistics

Having been invited to a “Staying Safe on the Internet & Online – protecting your children” event, I thought I would review the latest statistics on Cyber Bullying. I must say I was speechless at the results I found. As a father of 2 daughters...


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